It has been found that the risk of colon cancer

With increased awareness and education, people will undergo regular colon screening.According to a March, 2017 study from American Cancer Society, the rate of colon and rectal cancer Mirror stainless steel letters is increasing in the young and middle aged? What are the reasons for this increase?There is a growing evidence of increase in colorectal cancer in younger and middle aged patients.Experts state there is an increase in colon problems.BewareThere is a growing evidence of increase in colorectal cancer in younger and middle aged patientsThe risk factors include obesity, unhealthy diet, lack of physical activity, increased consumption of red meat, smoking and alcohol consumptionCommon symptoms of colon cancer are change in bowel habits, such as diarrhea, constipation or narrowing of the stool that lasts for more than a few days, rectal bleeding, dark stool or blood in stool, weakness, fatigue and weight loss. The findings show those who have a family history of any type of cancer are at a 10 times higher risk to get colon cancer.

The two major subtypes of hereditary colon cancer are called familial adenomatous polyposis and Lynch Syndrome, also known as hereditary nonpolyposis colorectal cancer.Why is early colon cancer screening being recommended in India?Colorectal cancer is one of the slowest growing of cancers.Why is colon cancer being wrongly understood as piles in India?In rectal cancer, the common complaint is bleeding. Unfortunately in our country, there are lots of uncontrolled and unregulated illegal piles clinics spread all over. Unfortunately, in India, a lot of colon cancer cases are wrongly identified as piles and surgical treatments are offered.At what stages are colon cancer patients coming to hospitals? What are the numbers according to the cancer registries in India?At present we see patients mostly in stage 3. Colorectal cancer can be completely cured, if detected early. This delays the diagnosis in at least 80 per cent of the cases.

Many of them are unable to differentiate between piles and cancer.Colon cancer is caused due to lack of diverse bacteria in the gut. There is a need to create a lot of awareness on colon cancer. Also reduce the intake of red meat and alcohol. They continue to provide symptomatic/surgical treatment for piles without detecting the cancer. Some rare conditions — including attenuated familial adenomatous polyposis and MUTYH-associated polyposis — have been associated with an inherited risk for colorectal cancer.What are the foods people must be cautious of?It is advisable to avoid junk food and every type of processed food.Dr Shishir Shetty, surgical oncologist, explains why colorectal cancers are seeing an increase in India. The major challenge is in detecting this cancer as it doesn’t show major symptoms in the initial stages. Those who have a family history of colon problems, be it their parents, siblings or first cousins, are also at a higher risk of this cancer.

It has been found that the risk of colon cancer increases in those who have a family history of gynecological cancers like breast, ovarian or endometrial cancer.Young and middle aged adults are suffering from colon and rectal cancer, according to researchers who have evaluated data for over a decade. The risk factors include obesity, unhealthy diet, lack of physical activity, increased consumption of red meat, smoking and alcohol consumption. This helps in the early diagnosis of cancer, leading to better clinical outcome and quality of life.How can colon health be checked by a normal person at home? What are the simple signs for the same?The common symptoms are change in bowel habits, such as diarrhea, constipation or narrowing of the stool that lasts for more than a few days, rectal bleeding, dark stool or blood in stool, weakness, fatigue and weight loss. This magnifies the risk of cancer, making it important to look after your colon health and not brush aside the signs and symptoms that your poop gives from time to time.Is colon cancer hereditary? Is that scientifically proven?About 10 per cent of colorectal cancers are caused by a heritable mutation — a genetic change that can be passed on from parent to child. Does this mean that traditional foods will help to maintain a good colon?One can lower the risk of colorectal cancer by eating lots of vegetables, fruits, whole grains and consuming less red meat

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Mr Modi’s whirlwind diplomacy has caused jitters

"It’s a matter of great honour for India that the Indian Prime Minister has been conferred with the highest ever civilian award by the Afghan government."But it is Mr Modi’s forthcoming fourth visit to the United States in less than two years that has sent clear signals to Islamabad. The sources further said Afghanistan appears to have seen through Pakistan’s sinister gameplan of continuing to promote the Afghan Taliban and exporting terrorism. The main objective of the forthcoming visit of the Prime Minister would be to consolidate the progress made in diverse areas such as economy, energy, environment, defence and security, and to intensify cooperation for the future.

On Sunday, India also thanked Afghanistan for conferring the country’s highest civilian honour — the Amir Amanullah Khan award — on Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his visit there. As New Delhi itself declared recently, "The India-US bilateral strategic partnership has developed strongly, particularly during the last two years under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi and President Obama. The government sources in New Delhi told this newspaper that the recent drone attacks on Pakistani soil by the US and New Delhi moving closer to Washington has unnerved the Pakistan Army. No wonder then that the signs of the Indo-Afghan strengthening of friendship were seen as PM Modi and President Ghani clutched each other’s hands, during the inauguration of the Afghanistan-India Friendship Dam in Herat, and held it high in announcement of the emerging partnership that has shaken Islamabad.In the wake of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s second visit to Afghanistan and the inauguration of the Salma Dam in Herat there, the assessment in South Block is that India has succeeded in getting the Afghan government out of the Pakistani orbit of influence, forging what is seen as an emerging Indo-Afghan-Iranian axis and is all set to further strengthen its already-close ties with the United States. Observers point out that with Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif virtually rendered ineffective following his open heart surgery and health problems, the frost in Indo-Pak ties is set to intensify with little hope for resumption of the bilateral comprehensive dialogue process in the near future.

Mr Modi’s whirlwind diplomacy has caused jitters in Islamabad and has further isolated Pakistan which now has only China as its main backer, the government sources said. As PM Modi himself declared just before his Saturday’s visit, "It is symbol of our friendship and would usher in hope, light up homes, nourish the fertile fields of Herat and bring prosperity to the people of the region."PM Modi’s two-day visit to the US on Monday and Tuesday and his forthcoming address to the joint session of the US Congress has apparently convinced the Generals in Rawalpindi that Islamabad can only turn to its fair-weather friend Beijing.India’s serious push for membership of the Nuclear Suppliers Group and China’s attempts to block it has also exposed the Beijing-Islamabad nexus globally.. It is an honour not only for India’s Prime Minister, but for the whole country for which we are grateful to the government of Afghanistan," finance minister Arun Jaitley said.The recent visit to Iran, on which western sanctions were recently lifted, and the Chabahar agreement appears to have cemented what is being seen as an emerging and formidable India-Iran-Afghanistan axis and the presence of Afghan President Ashraf Ghani in Tehran during PM Modi’s recent visit to Tehran has strengthened that belief. Observers feel that while India is China Custom Light Box letter Signs suppliers seen globally now as a de-facto US ally, the gains of being on the right side of the world’s sole superpower will work towards New Delhi’s advantage

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On the other hand, it would be different next

HDI a notch up and better its image abroad. The government has been successful in keeping the fiscal deficit under 4 per cent of the GDP. The Rs 90,000-crore Mumbai-Ahmebdabad high speed rail project will be the first of its kind in the country. With no signs of crude price going up, the government will continue to enjoy the cushion in 2016.04 crore houses, 1. Swachh BharatFor a better underbelly. The India growth story will continue in 2017 also, retaining the lead.3% in 2015 will grow 3.8 in 2016, says the IMF.Sensex sense The stock market is expected to outperform other emerging markets in 2016.5 lakh community toilets and 2.The Smart City project is about building or renovating 100 Indian cities over the next five years; 20 each year. A number of factors has come together to give the government a unique chance, which is not necessary to repeat itself next year. The global economy, which grew 3. They are Delhi-Mumbai, Mumbai-Chennai, Delhi-Kolkata. The project which seeks to cover 1. When crude oil prices go under $40 a barrel, it means cheap energy for the nation and a big relief on the fiscal front.8 per cent against two digit figures two years ago, and even RBI governor Raghuram Rajan is not apologetic about what he does: to cut the interest rates. There has been little progress in cutting red tapes and improving the licensing system, though. The NDA government at the Centre has an advantage on this count this year as the BJP has only limited stakes in West Bengal, Kerala and Tamil Nadu, the three big states that go to polls this year; the party anyway claims it has already made big inroads in Assam.

The government has of late woken up to the need for planning and funding it.10 lakh crore. The oil import bill of $88 billion in 2014-15 is set to come down to $73 billion in 2015-16. With his team firmly in the saddle, and the Bihar Assembly election results delivering a resolute political message that only a positive agenda can win elections, now is the time for the government to act. Any forward movement on these projects would be keenly watched. It will, however, hinge on a number of policy initiatives, including the passage of GST and land acquistion Bills.3%. The government has already awarded the contract for the consultancy for the diamond quadrilateral network of high speed rail corridors. Political parties often shy away from taking difficult decisions fearing elections which visit the states quite often. There is criticism that it will create a world of apartheid and exclusion; still it will go a long way in improving India’s crumbling urban infrastructure which bursts at its seams across the country now. Digital India seeks to deliver government services to the citizens online.2 billion for 2015-16 which would be 21 per cent lesser than $112. Inflation has been in control: consumer price index has been 3. The oil import bill is expected to be $88.5% in the next financial year even surpassing China’s projected growth of 6.The last 20 months saw Prime Minister Narendra Modi Wayfinding signage Suppliers making a slew of announcements, expected of a new regime. The programme has so far netted investment promises worth Rs 1. If done properly, it would not only empower the citizen, but would push India’s standing several notches up on the ‘ease of business’ scale as it would cut down red tapism, improve transparency and make procedures easy for doing business. The process for the selection of the first 20 cities is in the final stages. Best things happening in 2016Be positiveIndia’s GDP is expected to grow 7.

On the other hand, it would be different next year with the all-important Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections scheduled for 2017.Thus 2016 is the year which will define the character of the economic quotient of the performance of this government, which has already done a bit of ground work..Make In India, announced in September 2014, aims at massive investment in the manufacturing sector with a view to doubling its share in GDP from the 12 per cent, and creating 10 crore new employment by 2022. For starters, it could be the momentum it would provide certain flagship projects such as Make in India, Digital India, Swacch Bharat and high speed railway system that will decide its score.7 billion that of the previous financial year. Oil spoils: India controlled its fiscal deficit by increasing the excise duty on fuel, even as crude oil prices fell across the globe

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He showed signs of rustiness in delivering five

David Warner scored an unbeaten half century as Australia romped to a six-wicket thrashing of the West Indies in their opening tri-nation series day-night game at the Guyana National Stadium on Sunday.Warner’s 55 not out saw Australia home with almost 25 overs to spare after the West Indies earlier collapsed from 50/1 to 116 all out from 32.3 overs.Australia then wasted little time in getting to the modest target, Warner anchoring the effort to ensure a victory that was never in doubt despite the loss of three wickets for seven runs with the end in sight.Spinners Sunil Narine, with two wickets in one over, and Sulieman Benn caused the discomfort but it was not enough to save the hosts.

The emphatic victory earned Australia a bonus point to move ahead of the West Indies in the three-team standings before Tuesday’s final game at Providence against South Africa."Our batting is a real concern," said West Indies coach Phil Simmons. "The bowlers and fielding side are doing a great job but we need to get it together with the bat for the next two matches in St Kitts."Boosted by a four-wicket win in the tournament-opener against the South Africans at the same venue two days earlier, the West Indies plummeted back down to earth at the feet of the World Cup-holders, whose frontline spinners Nathan Lyon and Adam Zampa did the bulk of the damage with three wickets apiece after the usual effective opening burst from Mitchell Starc.Playing his first international match for more than six months after being sidelined by injury, the left-arm fast bowler breached the defences of openers Andre Fletcher and Johnson Charles to finish with figures of 2/37 from nine overs.

He showed signs of rustiness in delivering five wides and a no-ball, however his lethal pace proved more than a handful for the West Indies top order. Starc’s tally of ODI wickets is now at 92 in his 47th match and should he take eight more before the end of this competition he will eclipse Pakistan’s Saqlain Mustaq for the record as the fastest to 100 wickets in terms of matches played in this format of the international game. Charles topscored with a chancy 22 while all-rounder Carlos Brath-waite was last out for 21, Aaron Finch taking the catch at long-on to give Zampa his third wicket. Notwithstanding the turgid surface, the home batsmen contributed to their swift demise with a succession of poor shots, exemplified by Darren Bravo’s loose cover-drive at seamer Mitchell Marsh which offered a straightforward catch to Zampa at cover.

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Typically, doctors recommend trying vaginal estrogen

Women who experience vaginal and urinary problems associated with menopause should seek help from their doctors, according to a new patient resource page from the JAMA journal.Women with pre- and post-menopausal symptoms, as well as their doctors, need to remember that these common complaints are treatable in ways that can easily improve quality of life, writes Dr. Jill Jin."We created this resource based on a reader request, and I see many patients in my own practice with these complaints, so it’s highly relevant," said Jin, an internist at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago, who wrote the one-page primer intended for patients.The page discusses genitourinary syndrome of menopause, which used to be known as atrophic vaginitis.

The new term was introduced in a 2016 review article in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology (bit.ly/2oDcPF4), which notes that the syndrome affects more than half of postmenopausal women."I see a wide variety of patients who look up health information online, and it’s useful to have reliable sources to direct them to when they have questions," Jin told Reuters Health. "There’s a lot of false health information online, and journals such as JAMA are great places for concise, accurate information."The JAMA patient resource explains that estrogen levels drop during menopause, and the walls of the vagina become thin, dry and inflamed. The related symptoms of burning, irritation and urinary issues are common but can be more bothersome for some women than for others.Doctors can recommend both hormonal and non-hormonal treatment options, such as over-the-counter lubricants and moisturizers or estrogen treatments administered by pill or through the skin.

"Women presume these symptoms are just signs of aging, but they can be corrected by talking to a gynecologist or urologist," said Sardar Khan of Stony Brook University School of Medicine in New York, a co-author of the 2016 review.Typically, doctors recommend trying vaginal estrogen first as a cream, tablet or ring inserted into the vagina. This provides estrogen to the vaginal area without circulating through the bloodstream first, which can lower the chance of health risks associated with hormonal treatments during menopause.Women who have other symptoms associated with menopause, such as night sweats, hot flashes or other whole-body problems, may need to take estrogen treatments by a pill or skin patch, the patient resource notes. Women who take this type of estrogen should also take progesterone.Khan and his co-authors reviewed additional treatments as well, including synthetic steroids, laser therapies, homeopathic remedies and lifestyle modifications. Importantly, early detection and individually-tailored treatment plans are key, the study authors wrote."Women should not suffer in silence," Khan told Reuters Health. "The days are gone when we accept these symptoms as merely signs of aging."The JAMA patient page also suggests seeking additional information on the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists website about menopause (bit.ly/1Ml5Vcf ). The site features a comprehensive FAQ section about menopause, symptoms, osteoporosis, hormone therapy and healthy lifestyle advice.Women should begin talking to their doctors about these symptoms in the perimenopause period and share any concerns they have, Khan said."Health providers should ask about menopause, quality of life, and pain routinely during visits," he added. "I’ve found it’s often up to caregivers to make patients feel comfortable enough to open up and talk."

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